Restorative Dental Care in Parker, AZ

When tooth decay and loss cannot be prevented, restorative care allows you to have a healthy smile once again. Parker Family Dental provides dental restorations to repair or replace teeth. We help you get the exact prosthetic you need.


A crown is a cap that covers the entire visible tooth. When a tooth is cracked or has a cavity, a crown rebuilds the structure lost to decay or injury, seals the tooth off from the bacteria responsible for cavities, and restores function. Also, a porcelain crown provides these benefits while keeping the tooth’s natural appearance.


A bridge uses crowns to suspend one or more prosthetic teeth. The new teeth fill in a gap in the smile. Bridges are traditionally made of porcelain to maintain a natural appearance, but some of these prosthetics will have a metal base for added durability.

Dentures and Partials

Full dentures and partial dentures are the traditional, nonsurgical treatment for restoring a majority of the smile. Partials are used instead of fixed bridges when a large number of teeth are absent without being adjacent to one another. Full dentures replace an entire arch of the smile.

Both methods allow patients who cannot undergo surgical care to restore their smile to some degree of functionality. However, they have their limits. Partial dentures stabilize themselves through metal clasps that wrap around any remaining, healthy teeth; if these teeth are worn down and fall out, the partial must be replaced. Dentures rely on the natural suction of the mouth, which can be boosted with dental adhesive strips. As a result, dentures may slide when chewing, sometimes restricting your diet.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most effective methods available for replacing lost teeth. The implant is an artificial tooth root surgically added to the jaw, which then hosts a crown, bridge, or denture that serves as your new teeth. If your jaw bone and gums are healthy enough to support an implant, you can undergo this treatment.

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Lost or damaged teeth need replacement or structural bolstering, respectively. To make sure the families we see stay healthy, Parker Family Dental offers restorations. If you live near Parker, Quartzsite, Blythe, or Lake Havasu City, our dentists can help you regain a healthy smile.

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