Dental Implants In Parker, AZ

Living with missing teeth can have a negative impact on both the appearance and function of your oral health. However, there is a surgical and prosthetic solution to missing teeth. Parker Family Dental offers dental implant placement surgery, including the use of IV Sedation, and dental implant restoration for the people of Parker. Blythe, and Lake Havasu City.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone. The titanium material of implants is known for its osseointegration success, wherein it fuses to the bone. Once the artificial root has fully integrated into the jaw, a restoration—a prosthesis such as crowns and bridges—and abutment are installed atop the implant. The end result is a lifelike, fully functional replacement for missing teeth that, if properly cared for, could last a lifetime.

Dr. John Stepp is trained and experienced in both steps of the dental implant procedure. He performs the placement surgery and monitors the recovery process, ensuring that the placement site is healing smoothly. Dr. John Stepp has received extensive training in the area of TEETH IN A DAY. This concept allows permanent teeth to be placed and permanently secured into place the same day the implant surgery is completed. In other situations, Dr. John Stepp will apply the restoration to rebuild a healthy bite and restore your smile to the desired result after the implant has healed. A single implant and single porcelain crown is perfect for replacing one missing tooth, porcelain fixed bridges or partial dentures can replace a select number of adjacent teeth with just two implants, and implant-supported dentures can replace a complete arch of teeth with as little as four implants. Secured teeth in a day IS POSSIBLE at Parker Family Dental.

In addition to dental implants, Dr. John Stepp has been trained in bone augmentation procedures that allow implants to be placed in bone that otherwise would not be stable enough to allow for dental implant placement. These procedures include: Sinus Lift, Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), and Maxillary/Mandibular Ridge Splits. If you have been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants because you don't have enough bone, please come and see Dr. John Stepp. With his ICAT 3D Imaging, Dr. John Stepp can determine very accurately where implants can be placed and what bone augmentation procedures may be needed to allow you to have dental implants placed and regain your confidence with eating and smiling.

Regardless of your teeth replacement needs, the implant dentist and team of Parker Family Dental can help you regain a healthy, beautiful smile.

IV Sedation

Oral surgeries like dental implant placement will require you to undergo sedation. One of the stronger forms of sedation is intravenous sedation, but few dental practices are qualified to offer it. Parker Family Dental, however, has an on-site anesthesiologist who performs IV sedation during dental implant placement. We are one of only two dental practices in the Lake Havasu region to feature an on-site anesthesiologist, putting us in a position to best help your needs.

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Parker Family Dental serves Parker and Lake Havasu City, helping the people of these communities get the smiles they have always wanted. Dental implant surgery, dental implant restoration, and IV sedation allows us to rebuild those smiles when missing teeth is an issue. To find out more, contact the office of Dr. John Stepp today!