Sedation Dentistry In Parker, AZ

Dr. John Stepp is able to serve the dental needs of Parker, Quartzsite, Blythe, and Lake Havasu City.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation allows patients with significant dental phobias to relax and enjoy their visit at Parker Family Dental.

Our Parker dentist provides this type of dental sedation by having his patients swallow a pill. This pill helps control the sensation of anxiety, as well as muscular tension, and thereby helps patients remain at ease when at the dentist. Because oral conscious sedation can cause drowsiness and muscular relaxation, we require our patients utilizing this form of sedation to have someone to have someone drive them to and from our dental practice.

Nitrous Oxide

In order to best treat mild anxieties, or to help patients more thoroughly relax during lighter procedures, Dr. Stepp can provide his patients with nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is an inhalant known for creating a calming, blissful sensation upon breathing it in, which is why it is also known as laughing gas. In addition to its mentally relaxing effects, nitrous is also a mild analgesic that helps maintain the physical comfort of our patients. During a root canal or other treatment, our Parker dentist administers his patients nitrous throughout the procedure by way of a nose mask. Consistent exposure ensures that you are receiving the best benefit from laughing gas as possible. Nitrous oxides effects are known to wear off within moments of inhalation, so patients are typically safe to drive home following their visit. The result of nitrous use is a comfortable dental experience without the side effects of stronger sedation forms.

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